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    Exploratory, Formalized, and Causal Research Design

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    Of the exploratory, formalized, and causal research design types, which would you use to assess the effectiveness of an aspect of an healthcare job? Explain.

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    Research Design
    Research Design is a basic framework for conducting any research project. There are three key types of Research Design: Exploratory, Descriptive / Formalized and Causal Research Design. These Research Designs are used based on the type of research problem that is being addressed.

    Exploratory Research Design: is used when the objective of the research is to explore ideas and insights with respect to a specific business problem. For example: What are the challenges Healthcare professionals have in their jobs? How do these challenges differ based on their role / level in the Healthcare services process?

    Descriptive / Formalized Research Design: is used when the objective of the research is to describe the characteristics of a specific ...

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    This solution provides an overview of the exploratory, formalized and causal research design types, and explains which of these research designs would be useful to asses the effectiveness of a healthcare job. Additionally, the solution outlines how the chosen design types would be used to perform the given assessment and explains why they would be useful.