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What is 'Research Design'?

What is Research Design? Can you give an overview of the different methods?

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Definition of Research Design
- There is no single definition to the term "Research Design". But at its core, the Research Design is the plan that the researcher has formulated to facilitate the collection of data, the metrics for measuring the data collected and the analysis of the data. Through the research design, the researcher is able to identify what resources will be needed to execute his/her plan. In scientific research, the design is generated to provide the best means of obtaining answers to the research question. The research question is concerned with the problem that is being researched, so the research design encompasses the what, where, how and why of the problem and sets about to investigate these to arrive at the answers.

Overview of Exploration Studies
- The "exploratory study" approach is a less formal approach to research and is typically used in situations where the researcher is trying to 'discover' information. Such an approach can be used for studies ...

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This solutions compares a selection of research design methodologies.