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    Design Strategies for Research Methodologies

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    Using the library, Internet, and other available resources, analyze and discuss the design strategies for each of the research methodologies. This discussion should include the elements of inquiry, research approaches, and the overall design of the research being conducted.

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    Design Strategies for Research Methodologies

    The research process is a multi-step process which involves selecting a topic, selecting a research question, choosing appropriate research techniques, observation, data analysis, and interpretation of results. Design strategy is a way through which firms decide which research method to use to integrate business objectives and mitigate the risk. Research design and methods are both shaped by the research question. While research method is the technique which is used for gathering and analyzing data needed to answer the research question, research design is a detailed plan that addresses the different steps of the research process.

    Research design is a plan of action and a rationale that:
    • Identifies what is the research question which is to be answered
    • Explains the importance of research question
    • Describes how previous work have answered the research question
    • Defines key concepts as have been defined by others and how they would be defined in the current research
    • Describes how the research question would be answered, what evidence would be needed, how it would be gathered and how it would be analyzed

    There are two basic types of research methodologies-quantitative and qualitative. Qualitative research method uses a naturalistic approach that seeks to understand a phenomenon in a context-specific setting. A quantitative method is based on experimental methods ...

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    This solution analyzes and discusses the design strategies for all of the research methodologies.