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Alternating Treatment Design for Autism

These four designs are:

Reversal designs.
Alternating treatment designs.
Multiple-baseline designs.
Changing criterion designs.

Which one of those designs above demonstrates the greatest potential for use in Autistic Behaviors? Please discuss the selection, including the strategies, characteristics, advantages, and limitations were considered in making this choice.

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I think that the alternating treatment designs demonstrate the greatest potential for use in autistic behavior. This is due to the fact that this design involves the utilization of differing types of treatments in a random manner, by interchanging these treatments throughout the intervention or treatment process. The strategies that are inherent with this design include observing and evaluating the outcomes or facts of each of the differing treatments that ...

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This solution describes a means by which to use alternating treatment designs in treating autism, including the advantages and disadvantages of using the specific design. All references used are included.