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Comparing and Contrasting Research Designs

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I made the essay really short I might have the time to get it turned in. Any thing is good right now

Pick 2 research designs:

Control Group Time-Series Design
Alternating-Treatments Design

In a 200 word essay compare and contrast the outcomes that would be derived from each design. Include a treatment of at least one scholarly article per design you choose that employs the particular design.

Use the following questions to help guide your essay:
•Which design would be practical for a large study?
•Which one would be practical for a small study?
Reference needed if you can get this done by tomorrow morning I might have a chance. thank you

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The expert compares and contrasts research designs. Alternating-treatment designs are examined.

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Activating schoolyards: study design of a quasi-experimental schoolyard intervention study. Academic Journal
By: Andersen, Henriette Bondo; Pawlowski, Charlotte Skau; Scheller, Hanne Bebendorf; Troelsen, Jens; Toftager, Mette; Schipperijn, Jasper. BMC Public Health. 2015, Vol. 15 Issue 1, p1-10. 10p.

compare and contrast the outcomes that would be derived from each design. Quasi-Experimental Designs:

There are different quasi-experimental study designs ...

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