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    Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

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    Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper comparing and contrasting qualitative, quantitative, and mixed research methods. Be sure to address the following in your assignment:
    Review the research paradigms (theoretical frameworks) from Week 1. How do these paradigms relate to specific research methodologies?
    List several research designs and discuss characteristics of the design under each of the research paradigms. For example: Several quantitative designs include experimental, quasi-experimental, and correlational designs
    Remember, the pragmatic and critical paradigms employ qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods designs.
    You may use a matrix or table to summarize the discussion.
    Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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    //Research paradigms are the models and theoretical frameworks that are designed for a belief system about the acquaintance of the understanding. The various types of the research paradigms have a positive relation with the research methodologies of the research study. A short review of the research paradigms is given below. In this context, the below section will also discuss the relationship between the various research paradigms and research methodologies. Further, characteristics of the design under each of the research paradigms will also be discussed.//

    Research Paradigms

    Research paradigms are the important aspect that should be properly discussed and designed for an effective and efficient research study. Research paradigm is the procedure that is helpful in guiding the research study in order to make decisions and conducting the study in a proper way (Krysik & Finn, 2013). The major step in conducting a research study is the choice of the appropriate research paradigm on which research design, literature review, and research methodology are based. The various types of the research paradigm used in the research study are positivism, interpretivist, critical, and pragmatic paradigm.

    Positivism paradigm is the type of the research paradigm allied with the scientific theories. The positivism paradigm came into view as a philosophical paradigm and believes that real events are empirically observed and logically explained. This research paradigm heavily relies on the manipulative and experimental research methods, which mainly involves the hypothesis making and testing. The positivism research paradigm typically uses the quantitative methods (Chilisa & Preece, 2005).Further, the interpretivist paradigm acts as the opposite of the positivism paradigm and believes in the multiple and relative reality. The major objective of this type of paradigm is to illustrate the significant social action, which is useful to make aware an individual with the social reality. Thus, it prefers qualitative designs predominantly textual studies, field, and narrative studies. The interpretivist paradigm recognizes the existence of the multiple realities and focuses less on the critics of the phenomenon but has a major ...

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