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Selling in Brazil

Executive management group has decided to market their top-selling product to brazil. As the marketing manager for this group, I have been asked to analyze the various research methodologies and resources available to me in Brazil. I have been asked to dentify which research methodologies and resources I should consider using in developing a marketing campaign and explain why.

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//Before writing about the research methodologies and the available resources, we have to first understand about the marketing research and its significance. So, firstly, we will write about the marketing research and the significant classification of various research methodologies as per the directions.//

Marketing research is a kind of business research. There are several types of research methodologies like Co relational, casual research, survey, ethnographic etc. Research methodologies define what activity of research is, how to proceed, how to measure progress, and what constitutes success. These research methodologies can also be classified as quantitative research methodologies and qualitative research methodologies. Examples of Quantitative research methodologies are co relational analysis, surveys, and experimental. Qualitative research methodologies include interviews, participant observation, ethnographic strategies, questionnaires, field research, etc. In addition to this there can be other research methodologies also like case study, analysis talk, comparative method etc.

Correlational method tries to establish any relationship between two or more variables whereas casual comparative method tries to determine any cause effect relationship between a group of individuals. It is worthy to ...

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