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Research Methodologies Paper

. Research Methodologies Paper - XYZ, Inc.'s executive management team has decided to market the organization's top-selling product to Brazil. You are the marketing manager for XYZ, Inc.

Resources: University Library, Internet

I need help with writing a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you analyze the various international marketing research methodologies and resources available to you for Brazil. In your analysis, address the following:

a. State the objectives of your research. Ensure your objectives are written in the manner objectives should be written (refer to your previous courses or other sources for guidance).

b. Select the appropriate international marketing research resources and methodologies that you would use to create a marketing campaign in Brazil for XYZ, Inc. Ensure each resource or methodology stands out in the paper for ease of reading by the VP.

c. Clearly explain the how the advantages outweigh the disadvantages for each resource or methodology.

APA 6th edition standards.

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Globalization is one of the biggest factors behind the integration of numerous world economies. Additionally, reduction in the trade flow barriers and financial obstacle has also become possible due to the globalization, which ultimately improves international business activities (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). International market has provided numerous opportunities to the business organizations to expand the business beyond national boundaries and produce maximum profits.

Recently, Brazil has become one of the potential markets for the business organizations because of the market growth, market size, improvement in the economy, etc. (Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, 2009). It has been evaluated by the market researchers that Brazilian market is continuously developing its strengths, and it has an extra prospective for the development of the business firms. This prospective of the Brazilian market provides chances for the expansion of both host and home countries (Great Britain: Parliament: House of Commons: Trade and Industry Committee, 2007).

Due to the global era and denationalization of if the market of the Brazil, multinational and international business firm is continuously trying to expand business operations by penetrating the Brazilian market (Rialp, 2007). The economy of Brazil is world's eighth major economy. Brazil has enough scope to grow in the area of agriculture, service and industry. The traditional way of living of people, who are linked with the agricultural field and high extent of competition for the employment, the qualified and talented people belong to services and industrial area, etc. provide opportunities to the marketers to get talented labor and employees (Bureau of Western Hemisphere Affairs, 2009).

XYZ Inc. has decided to become global and selected the Brazilian market to promote the top selling products of the company. This paper will assist the reader to evaluate the various parameters that are connected with international marketing research methodologies and resources that are available in the company to work in the market of Brazil.

Objective of the Research

International marketing comprises all the activities and programs that are used in the domestic marketing plan. Before entering in the international market, it is necessary or the business firms and marketers to recognize appropriately and evaluate the needs of the customers in the global market (Rialp, 2007). ...

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