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    Elements of Final Stage of Research - CB Trucking Company

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    This is my Final Project for CBtrucking Company, please help me with some ideas.

    For my final paper we have to execute both research studies and conduct independent data analyses. Document your choice of analysis tools, statistical methodologies, etc. Enter survey data into SPSS or Excel and perform all necessary analysis within this software. Export output to a narrative report (in Word) that explains all of your analysis (who, what, when, where, how, and why). Then create a PowerPoint presentation, suitable for management, and consisting of at most 20 slides, that documents the research process you conducted beginning with the management dilemma and ending with the conclusion or recommendation based on your data analysis.

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    I am attaching the data from the U.S. Government census and the address of the census. You will need to plug the numbers into the proper program...Excel or SPSS...that you have. This should take only a few minutes since you are only doing the frequencies for comparing census ...

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    Sample of research document, powerpoint slides of explanation, and the sites used to gain information on the subject of wage and benefits for the trucking industry.