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    Data Research Design

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    Gathering the data

    Using the management dilemma identified in assignment 1, prepare a data collection design as if no primary data are available. Detail, step-by-step and in sequence, the search for and review of secondary data you will conduct to answer your research question(s). Explain why you chose the sources you did, and how you expect to utilize the results, i.e., what analysis techniques may be appropriate.
    (I have attached assignment 1)

    Using the management dilemma identified in assignment 1, prepare a data collection design as if only primary data are available. Create the appropriate data collection design using a survey you developed, being certain to address sampling design issues. Address all issues pertaining to the sampling frame, sample size, response rates, survey construction, and survey administration.

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    Here is an overview of information you may use. I hope it helps. You might want to access the sites listed, add some other sites, and give information found, some specific types of data and data sets for use in a research design. This is usually appropriate, though not large data sets.

    My choice of sources would include government entities reports and industry reports that include data on wages and benefits. Secondary sources Rate would include sites online such as payscale.com, where there are many lists of pay scales for jobs and careers. (http://www.payscale.com/research/US/Job=Truck_Driver%2c_Heavy_%2f_Tractor-Trailer/Hourly_)
    The first place to go is a census site with information about salaries for drivers in America. The United States census gives much information about different salaries for different people in various regions, cities, and states in the United States. All information contained in the United States census is courtesy of the United States Bureau of Census. There are income statistics for the population as a whole, small regions, poverty and income, program and income. Of special interest for this type of research would be the earnings by occupation/education which are presented by state and easily transferrable for testing. There are also sections on taxes and incomes that may provide helpful insight to deal with contract drivers who receive 1099's and pay their own taxes. (http://www.census.gov/hhes/www/income/income.html)
    There are numerous sites online ...

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