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    Evaluating A Research Article

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    The following questions are provided in the answer:

    Is this qualitative or quantitative?

    What is the study design?

    What criteria did you use to determine study design?

    Does this research article generate support for evidence-based practice?

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    Thank you for requesting the assistance of Brainmass. I am a research instructor and am very pleased to help you look at these questions in relation to the document you have attached.

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    Answer the following questions based on attached document:

    Article provided:
    Mark, B. & Belyea, M. (2009). Nurse staffing and medication errors: Cross-sectional or longitudinal relationships? Research in Nursing & Health, 32, 18-30.

    1. Is this qualitative or quantitative?
    The article provided by Mark and Belyea uses quantitative data collection and analysis methods. According to Creswell (2009), determining quantitative data collection and analysis suggests that examining the relationships between and among variables is central to answering questions and hypotheses through surveys and experiments. In contrast, qualitative data collection and analysis is focused on identifying emerging themes and participant epiphanies and experiences. Clearly, the article by Mark and Belyea is quantitative in nature due to the means in which data was collected; ...

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    In this posting, you will learn how to evaluate a research article. The article that is provided comes from the nursing discipline, but can be applied to any other discipline.