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Critically Evaluate an Empirical Article

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How do you critically evaluate an empirical article and how does the information from the article fit to support a doctoral journey? Why is this skill important to doctoral studies?

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Critical Evaluation of an Empirical Article

Before analyzing and critically evaluating an empirical article, a researcher must be clear on what an empirical article is and how it fits into the world of research. Briefly, an empirical article is one that presents research based on experimentation or observation. This type of article utilizes quantitative research methods, qualitative research methods, and mixed-methods research methods to produce data that seeks to establish relationships between one or more variables. In terms of quantitative research methods, a researcher would be validating or invalidating a hypothesis, and in terms ...

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This solution discusses how to properly conduct a critical evaluation of an empirical article and discusses how this skill will help students who are embarking on their doctoral journey.