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Business Cycle

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What is the economyâ??s current stage in the business cycle?

Support your answer with an article written within the last week from the popular press or blog. Evaluate the article and the source of the article. Based on the information, determine where the economy fits in the business cycle.

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Business Cycle

What is the economyâ??s current stage in the business cycle?
The current state of the economy in the business cycle is that of a recession. Even though some of the indicators have looked up indicating that a recovery or the expansionary phase has started, such conclusions are not warranted because the indicators have been affected ...

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I'm currently studying recessions and given the fact that the US has not experienced a recession since 2001, Do you think another recession is on the horizon? Please explain your reasons why a recession might occur? If your feeling is that a recession might not occur, please explain.

Also, I'm sort of confused on what major trends in the economy will have the biggest impact on the business cycles?

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