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    Research methods, Evaluation

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    Methods of Research In Public Health
    Criteria for the Evaluation of a Research Study

    For this Discussion Forum use the following scenario: You are asked to read a research article from a psychology journal and evaluate whether or not in your opinion the study is a good one. It is not always an easy task to evaluate the work of another.

    What criteria would you use to decide the merit of this study?
    Criteria for the Evaluation of a Research Study
    Evaluation Guidelines for Qualitative Research Studies

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    Evaluation Criteria
    Many authors have proposed criteria for appraising qualitative research. Some question the appraisal process because of a lack of consensus among qualitative researchers on quality criteria. Despite this controversy, and while recognizing that criteria will continue to evolve, the following guidelines will be used by the Awards Committee to critically appraise methodologically sound qualitative research studies considered to provide an outstanding contribution in the field of interpersonal ...