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Evaluation Research Explained

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What is the purpose of evaluation research?

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Evaluation research - its definition, techniques, methods and purpose is presented and explored in relation to its application in social scientific studies. The solution follows the APA-format, references are provided. A word version is attached for easy printing.

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Evaluation Research

In the social sciences, the basic 'distinction' between research methods used is it's 'nature' - is it quantitative or is it qualitative? With the former concentrating on statistics and numbers - data to quantify and qualitative concentrating on putting together messy details of a particular subject of study or social phenomena to ascertain patterns (as in ethnography). What then is evaluation research? Is it a 'method' or is it a particular 'form' of social research? Does 'form' differ from methodology? Is evaluation research then 'different' from quantitative and qualitative research? Social scientists say it is a 'particular' form of social research in that it is closely related to the 'traditional genres' but distinguishes itself in that it evaluation research takes place within a political and organizational context. It utilizes principles from quantitative and qualitative research - sometimes creating a 'mixed-methods' study ...

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