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    Dissertation: Research design, data collection strategies

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    A well-defined research problem points to a method of investigation. For each method, an appropriate data collection technique should be employed. Consider the dissertation problem and its relation to the research methodology and data collection methods employed in the study. Is there an appropriate relation between each element? Use appropriate references about data collection methods to address the following questions:

    What were the data collection methods used for the study? Justify why they were or were not appropriate.
    Was the research design consistent with the methods chosen?
    What additional items could the author have said about the data collection strategies?
    Do you think the data needed to answer the research question(s) could have been collected differently - why or why not? What other methods would you recommend and why? If not, why not? This includes the data collection methods as well as how the methods were conducted or implemented.
    Add any additional comments for evaluation not addressed above.
    For all the questions above, remember to explain how you came to your conclusions. Support your answers with explanation or evidence drawn from the dissertation and from course readings.

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    The use of qualitative research for data collection in this dissertation is entirely appropriate.
    The questions to be answered focus on components of IT services within the organization and how
    well they align with organizational strategies. While alignment may be measured by looking at
    financial data in conjunction with the use of quantitative data this method would not consider all
    indicators of alignment between strategy and IT utilization. It is likely companies of different sizes
    are involved in the research. Therefore, comparing or analyzing financial data, such as revenues
    or sales, would be difficult and carry less meaning.

    Qualitative data involves a level of personal determination in what various levels of alignment
    will look like. In order to include a variety of data sets for investigation, the research is also a mixed
    methods study. The combination of available research, written artifacts of various organizations, and
    personal interviews with IT managers helps the researcher complete a thorough picture of what
    adequate and inadequate alignment of IT and corporate strategy looks like. ...

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