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Best Methodology for Dissertation Research

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Please indicate which methodology (such as ethnography, survey research, action research) its best for dissertation research and discuss how it is consistent with the epistemological stance. Describe the data collection method(s) that can be use (such as questionnaire, interviews, focus groups), and justify how these will be sufficient to answer research questions. Include as much detail as you can about your participants and how they will be chosen. Briefly describe how you will analyze the data collected and the tools needed for a proper analysis based on the chosen method. Finally, describe how to address the political and ethical challenges that may arise as to conduct a research.

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This solution offers suggestions of methodolgy for a dissertation.

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Ethnography is a qualitative form of applied social research. In this type of research the researcher immerses themselves into a social group in order to obtain data. This is descriptive research. The researcher basically socializes to the group they research in order to gain a complete cultural view of the group. The researcher observes the group, interviews group members, and record behavior through a variety of methods. While this type of research is useful in obtaining detailed explanations of a social group, it will not measure cause and effect relationships. If you are researching motivation for your dissertation, then ethnography does not seem like the type of research methodology that would be beneficial.

Survey research involves asking respondents questions. The questions can be in a questionnaire that the respondent answers. Survey research can also involve in-depth interviews. Survey ...

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