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    Research Methodology - Motivation

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    Research methodology can help to define the activities of research, how to proceed with the research, how to measure progress and how to determine success. This week you explored how different epistemologies relate to particular research methodologies and the highlights of some methodologies in use today. In this Discussion you will evaluate existing methodologies and explore the methodology that you will use for your dissertation.

    Identify two or three journal articles that address research problems related to motivation for low performing employees. Evaluate the methodology used to conduct the research.

    What methodology would be most useful in addressing a research problem or question?

    Defend the choice of the methodology. Discuss whether you use a research design and approach similar to those you reviewed, or approach the problem differently and why.

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    Empirical research follows strict guidelines for the development and implementation of studies. By following prescribed, accepted guidelines, social researchers are able to produce credible research to advance their field of study. In applied social research, experimental studies are preferred for their use of randomization to control human bias (Bickman & Rog, 2009). For leadership research, and any other form of research, it is important to be able to produce sound studies with replicable results. Applied social research allows leadership scholars to answer questions pertaining to what works, what does not work, the influences of leaders and followers, and how aspects of a situation affect leadership (Yukl, 2006).

    Applied social research is used to discover if theory can be linked with measurable results and applied across various situations (Bickman & Rog, 2009). Leadership researchers seek to uncover relationships between variables. An independent variable is manipulated to affect a controlled dependent variable (Bickman & Rog, 2009). Leadership is the independent variable. Researchers manipulate leadership in order to produce an effect on the dependent variable. Theories, ...

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