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    Theoretical Framework for Studying Motivation

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    Theory can offer many things to the researcher. It can be used to explain phenomena, generate hypotheses and suggest additional directions for research. In turn, the results from research can be used to refine existing theory.

    A clear theoretical framework arising from the literature, such as management theory, leadership theory or change theory, can be used to guide a research, including your choice of research design and methodology.

    Describe at least two theoretical frameworks that might help with the research of motivation and why. How will your choice(s) of theoretical frameworks affect the manner in which you conduct your research?

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    Theoretical frameworks will allow you to guide your research and gather your beliefs about a particular subject. If you were proposing research into motivation, a review of the relevant literature can help you understand what your stance is and how to go about supporting that stance. Motivation has a number of various theories. Some theories make focus on inherent needs that, if met, allow the individual greater motivation. Other theories focus on goals, claiming that goal setting increase motivation and performance. As you review these theories, you can expand your knowledge of motivation theory and determine which areas of focus you wish to concentrate on in your own research. I will discuss a few theories below and I will attach some additional articles that you can read that might help you understand how increasing your knowledge can influence what avenues you wish to follow in your own research.

    Self-Determination Theory

    In my recent post for you, I discussed Self-Determination Theory (SDT). Self-Determination Theory (SDT) is a philosophy of human motivation. Self-Determination Theory contends that humans must develop their self-motivation and self-regulation skills in order to function optimally (Ryan & Deci, ...

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