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    Biases and Judgement

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    Part 1

    For this assignment, use the same hypothesis and the Literature Review from your IP1 assignment and compose a 2-3 page theoretical framework (Step 4 of the Sekaran process). Use the components of a theoretical framework described in the Sekaran textbook as well as the examples contained in the textbook and in published research. Additionally, use sources available on the web, the library, and from the textbook to support your arguments. Remember to include these sources in the references section of your paper.

    Part 2

    Using figure 5.1 of Sekaran as a guideline, write a 3-5 page Scientific Research Design (Step 6) appropriate for the hypothesis and the Literature Review from the IP1 and the theoretical framework you have prepared for Part 1 of this IP2. Include the type of investigation needed, the study setting, the unit of analysis, and your recommended time horizon for the study. Also offer your assessment on the extent of "researcher interference" (pp. 111-113) and any ethical considerations that may arise from the research design you are proposing.

    The response addresses the queries posted in 1624 words with references.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1624 words with references.

    //In the given paper, the discussion is based on a theoretical framework, which would be related to the hypothesis and literature review done in IP1. The following analysis is based on Sekaran Textbook. The analysis and summarized information will help in understanding the issues related to the problem.//

    Part 1:


    For maintaining the business purpose and core competency in the organization, it is necessary to provide effective development or services to management for achieving the integrity. In the paper, the discussion will provide efficient information about operations and it provides main focus on revenue generation. Sekaran process is known as one of the best processes for finding solutions to a problem according to analysis of situational factor. The sekaran process carries various components for describing the research, which are as follows: observation, information gathering, formulating theory, theoretical framework and hypothesis.

    Theoretical Framework:

    The use of theoretical framework provides a strong relationship between concepts and other factors for focusing on the interrelated segments. With the help of theoretical framework, important factors are identified for the concern of predefined problem, which is related to the customer loyalty and satisfaction. It provides a logical kind of relationship between the given two factors. The whole conceptual framework analyzes the relationship and enhances the understanding as per the given problem hypothesis.

    For the concern related to the given problem, motivation of employee affects the satisfaction of customers and it is necessary to provide such factors related to the motivation that only focus on an exquisite interest. If any worker or employee is not satisfied with the given work, environment or salary, it is sure that it will affect the satisfaction of customer. If a worker of the company performs his task in inappropriate way, it will affect the service quality and this process will lead to the dissatisfaction of customer (Sekaran, 2009).

    Due to this endless process, it may be possible that the customer of the company would switch towards those products or services, which will directly affect the customer loyalty. Hence, it is clear that the lack of motivation in the organization can affect customer's satisfaction level and loyalty. Thus, motivation is necessary in the organization to conceive customer's satisfaction as an integral part of the business. For example: Deltas Airline has related the discussion with theoretical framework, in which ineffective service of the company such as violation of safety air services created dissatisfaction among the customers. ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1624 words with references.