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    Interferance of Cultural Biases in Counseling

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    How might your cultural biases interfere with your effectiveness as a counselor?

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    Defining Cultural Bias

    If culture is that inherent tradition, mores, language, practices, belief systems, perspectives & social customs followed, celebrated and propagated by particular social groups as part of their social dynamics that allows them a way of life and a unique identity; and if bias is a determination and prejudice towards leaning for a particular preference or tendency, perspective, result or ideology, then Cultural bias equates to judging another culture from the confines of one's own where judgement of the other is clouded and affected by the culture that socialization has drilled into the counsellor as part of his identity and membership in a group.

    Cultural bias happens to individuals without thinking. Take for instance travellers and tourists. When they come to visit a far off country with traditions that seem perverse or problematic in the culture that they grew up in, the instant and unconscious judgement of said native practice is just according to the cultural gauge of the tourist. In Thailand for ...

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    The solution is a concise discussion of the question 'How might your cultural biases interfere with your effectiveness as a counselor?'. Defining cultural bias and the reasons that lead to it as well as approaches that are taken to negate it is discussed from a first person viewpoint. Follows the APA-format with word version attached for easy printing.