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Possible Biases in Peer Evaluations

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Describe some possible biases in peer evaluations? What are some possible ways to eliminate rater and ratee bias from evaluation processes?

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The expert describes the possible biases in peer evaluations. The possible ways to eliminate rater and ratee bias from evaluation processes is determined.

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Peer evaluation is a process which is common in many fields. It is a way in which students evaluate themselves based on respective performances. It is such that, it evaluates the creativity with people in the same field in order to improve on the quality of their performance in that field. Peer evaluation is a concept which is used to find weakness in a large group of people, for example in a school where students evaluate each other based on their performances in the various fields. In a way, peer review maintains and enhances quality by a way in which there is detection of errors and by this, it provides a way in which decisions can be made regarding whether to punish or provide reward for excellence if any in such a field (Peer Review Definition, 2005).

Possible Biases in Peer Evaluations:

Despite peer evaluations being a better way in which people in the same organization would evaluate each other based on their performances, there are elements of bias that come in during the assessment or evaluation. A number of possible biases are discussed. To start with, there are elements of bias in original works and results. This is because, many people as well as reviewers of such performances would mostly like the results of the evaluation to match or better yet be ...

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