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    Leadership and measuring leader performance and peer evaluations

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    1-Organizations often use international assignments as important practices in global leadership development. However, the evaluation of the assignments is often focused on the leaders' performance but lack of assessment on the developmental benefits to the leaders. If you were given the task to identify the developmental benefits of an international assignment, what would be the most important aspect that you would examine? How would you measure the benefits?

    2-Peer coaching is characterized by equal status of partners, focus on personal and professional development of both peers, and integration of reflection and practice (Parker, Hall, & Kram, 2008). Have you had any experience or observations on peer coaching? Explain your understanding of the pros and cons of this peer coaching as a practice for human resource development.

    Parker, P., Hall, D.T., Kram, K.E. (2008). Peer coaching: A relational process for accelerating career learning. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 7(4): 487-503.

    3-Some organizations arrange their leaders to participate in social service programs. From the perspective of human resource development, how will the leaders benefit from these activities?

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    1. I would measure program objectives rather than performance when it comes to international assignments. Then, I would create measurements that can be attributed to these objectives, some of which would be long-term objectives such as creating different departments within the program and organization objectives that would enable future employees to achieve even more. Basing measurements on achieving program objectives rather than performance forces the employee to try to achieve long-term rather than short-term goals.

    2. I have had experience with peer ...

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    Measuring international assignments and also the benefit of peer evaluations and social programming.