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    Dark Personality Traits Impact Effective Leadership

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    Some of the dark personality traits include narcissism, compulsion, paranoia, codependency, and passive-aggression. People have these and other dark characteristics to varying degrees, but what is important is to understand what tendencies you have and how to deal with them effectively. This is something the great leaders can do - effectively understand and deal with their dark characteristics. When they don't understand or do not effectively deal with these dark tendencies, they are ineffective leaders, they lose their following, influence, and power, and they do harm to the organization.

    REAL LIFE APPLICATION: Discuss a leader that you know that has one or more of these dark personality traits. How does this leader handle her/his dark trait? Is it obvious to others that the leader has this trait? If you were this leader, what steps would you take to ensure that you deal with this dark trait effectively?

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    An example of a work supervisor who possesses a leadership role; while also having tendencies to exhibit the dark characteristics of narcissism and passive-aggressiveness. One of the classic descriptions of one who is a narcissist is that they view themselves as superior; and those around them are reduced to lesser beings (reference below). The supervisor displays this side of her/himself by often asking those who report to her/him for suggestions on how to ...

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    Narcissism and passive-aggressiveness are two, common dark personality traits in leaders today. Awareness of these traits by a leader will dictate how successful they will be in effectively leading others. This solution is about 300 words in length and includes a reference. There is also a real life application scenario to support the impact on leadership from people with these types of traits.