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    Personality types and criminal justice

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    Although researchers tend to focus on the skills, strategies, and traits that leaders possess, personality is also vitally important in leadership. A person who possesses intelligence, integrity, flexibility, decisiveness and people skills is perceived to be a better leader and manager of people as compared to a person who does not possess these qualities.

    Is the three-factor taxonomy more suitable than the big five model of personality for describing leaders? Why? Do the three-factor taxonomy and the big five model have any common characteristics? Explain.
    How are the specific traits related to leadership effectiveness? Can they be categorized according to the big five model? If yes, how? If no, why?
    Can the big five model and the three-factor taxonomy be related to effective leadership in criminal justice? If yes, how? If no, why?

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    This answer argues that most descriptions of personality types and their relation to leadership agree. The essential traits for each theory differ only at the margins, and the essential virtues for leadership are the same across time and space.