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Employee Performance Evaluation

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Draft a Luxurion Auto employee performance evaluation which will be used to evaluate Luxurion Auto salespeople.

Include what you intend to measure among these three evaluation elements:

1. Individual task outcomes
2. Behaviors
3. Traits

For example, when measuring behaviors, you may decide to measure leadership skills, communication, and job performance.

Draft your evaluation outline. When you have the outline completed, write a summary answering the following:

? What does this performance evaluation emphasize more? Behavior or traits?
? How will you document completed evaluations?
? What due process will you make available to employees following evaluation?
? Would you consider creating team performance evaluations in the future? Why or why not?

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Luxurion Auto employee performance evaluation parameters that will be used to evaluate Luxurion Auto sales people:

Total 300 marks allotted, out of which the bifurcation is as following:
1. Individual out comes: 150 points
2. Behaviors: 100 points
3. Traits: 50

1. Individual task outcomes: a) Sales achieved in terms of quantity and value
b) Sales per customer c) % of retention of old customers d) No. of new customers made
e) Satisfaction level of customers
These figures will be compared with previous year and target set for this year and 5 parameters will be given 30 points each and on basis of this evaluation will be made.

2. Behaviors: leadership skills, communication, decision making, team behavior, commitment ...

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