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Importance of Employee Performance Evaluation

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I need help with an essay paper I am doing a 1000 word paper and I need information on describing and explaining the ten-step process for evaluating employee performance. Include the following components:
1) Explain why it is necessary to conduct quality employee performance evaluations.
2) Incorporate subheadings to indicate each of the ten steps.

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In your paper you can discuss that employee performance evaluation gauges how far a staff has attained the duties and responsibilities assigned to him/her. With it, the employees are also guided what to do and how to do it in a working environment.

Mention also that employee performance evaluation is necessary so that companies will have valid reasons to terminate or continue the services of their workers.

With regards to the ten-step process in evaluating employee performance, you can quote Thaxton (2013).
Thaxton (2013) gave the following ten steps to effective performance evaluations:

(Note: I have already started the discussion of each step. You can expand it in whatever manner you want.)

1. Communicate the expectations.
This means informing the employee what is expected of him/her. Specific duties and responsibilities are laid out and ways and techniques how to do them are made clear.

2. Observe and document performance all year.
To ensure compliance to company's work ethic, the employees performance are documented daily. This will give a feedback to ...

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This is a discussion on how vital is the periodic employee performance evaluation. Each of the ten-step evaluation process is dissected and explained.

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