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Public Administration States Agencies

Examine three different state agencies' personnel evaluation systems and compare and contrast them.
Please include any references used. Thanks for helping me get started!

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Title: Public Administration

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Public administration
An evaluation system refers to a standard structure and a set of procedures used to gauge an individual's ability to carry out an activity. A performance evaluation system was discovered so as to ensure that there was a communication improvement within the workplace between a supervisor and an employee. The system only accomplishes this goal if used effectively and in the right manner. To ensure career development and advancement, it is advisable for an individual to take part in the evaluation process (BAIER, HAVERKORT, HERMANNS, & KATOEN 2010).

The employee performance evaluation process involves a set of three activities that is; scheduling a meeting with the organization's supervisor at the beginning of the performance period so as to ensure that the discussion on the performance plan of the whole year is carried out therefore the employee becomes informed of what is expected of him or her. The second activity involves meeting with the supervisor at interim reviews so as to obtain feedback and ...

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Public administration for states agencies are examined.