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Performance Appraisals & Multi-Rater Use

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Performance Appraisals
1)How important is it that the employee plays a role in the appraisal process? What do you think the employee's role is in the process? Who do you think has the most important role during this appraisal process and why?

Multi-raters in Performance Evaluations
2)How do you feel about having multi-raters in the performance evaluation process? Do you think there should be some type of training offered on performance evaluations when having several individuals in different roles rating an employee? What would be the benefits and challenges of this evaluation method?

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1)How important is it that the employee plays a role in the appraisal process?

-- It is very important for the employee to play a role in the appraisal process. One of the main hindrances in the appraisal process is that the process itself can be very intimidating. When the employee is not involved, it sets a tone that compounds the issue. When we involve the employee in the process, s/he is more apt to accept feedback, including positive, negative, and neutral forms of feedback and to use it constructively. This is one of the main objectives of the entire appraisal process. We do not want the employee to feel isolated. It is therefore crucial to involve the employee.

What do you think the employee's role is in the process?

-- The employee's role is to offer feedback as to his/her own progress regarding processes, directives, and other elements that are basic parts o the appraisal process. While it is not possible for most employees to remain objective about their own performance, ...

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This solution discusses the importance or non-importance of employees in the evaluation process. The use of multi-raters, including advantages and disadvantages of multi-raters, is also discussed. A comprehensive discussion is provided and all parts to both human resource and training questions are answered.

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