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    Case: 360-Degree Feedback on the Internet

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    Read Case 8, "360-Degree Feedback on the Internet" (attached), then answer all four questions.

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    Advantages of 360-Degree online Appraisal system

    Aside from the advantage of instantaneous transmission of information, 360-Degree feedback online performance appraisal system also has other advantages. These include: being able to access the appraisal documents online, thereby avoiding a lot of paperwork and making performance management process more effective and efficient. Another advantage is that with this kind of system, confidentiality of ratings are more assured and maintained than the way it was before since the appraisals are hosted by independent third party. The appraisal reports are completed anonymously and the data collected and stored by E-Group, a third party. This helps to improve the response rates of employees which assures of a more comprehensive and robust data collection. It allows easy integration of the appraisal documents with the development and talent activities within the company such as talent management and 360-degree feedback. It also allows for easy facilitation of continuous workforce development, talent management and appraisal all year round. The system also saves times when generating the appraisal reports and when aligning leadership profiles, development activities and appraisal results (Case 8; Survey Shack, 2011).

    Since these online appraisal systems take a shorter period of time to distribute and collect, human resource managers and other line managers can spend more time evaluating the outcomes of the appraisals and focus their energy in finding ways of addressing and improving team, individual and organizational weaknesses that have been highlighted in the appraisal system. They help HR officials design, develop and implement training and development programs that are a true reflection of the development needs highlighted by the appraisal system. These better programmes deliver better efficient fast results, and help the management and human resource of an ...

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