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The 360-degree Performance Evaluation

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Many firms today use 360-degree performance evaluations. Make a case for this type of evaluation based on the informativeness principle. What problems may be encountered from implementation of such a system?

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The solution discusses the use of the 360-degree performance evaluation in organizations.

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The 360-degree evaluation is one of the most effective methods in measuring and evaluating the performance of an employee. This type of evaluation "is a mechanism for evaluating someone's performance based on feedback from everyone with whom the individual comes in contact with"supervisors, coworkers, partners, subordinates, the general public" (Curators of the University of Missouri, 2012).

The analogy of the 360-degree evaluation is the owl that can, figuratively, turn its head by 360 degrees, allowing a wide range of field of view.

The use of the 360 degree evaluation allows the employee to be aware of the feedback from different sources.

Admittedly, there would be bias in evaluation if the ones that will evaluate the employee are those ...

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