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    Job/Employee Evaluation

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    Gloria is a middle-level employee in the marketing department at Aqfa Communications, which owns several renowned magazines. Gloria is a hardworking and efficient employee. She is punctual and avoids tardiness. She is also popular among her colleagues. She never says no to her work and completes difficult assignments on time. She often stays late at work, without overtime pay, whenever there is a deadline to meet. Last month, Gloria and her colleagues had their semiannual performance reviews. Although she received a good review, it was similar to most of her colleagues. Considering all the extra time and effort she had put in her work, Gloria was surprised that her review was so similar to her colleagues' reviews.

    Please address the following questions using the online course, the text, and the article cited below which is available in the Online Library.

    Would the type of rating format used to evaluate Gloria influence her evaluation? Why or why not, and how?

    If Gloria were compared to other employees using one of the employee comparison procedures, how might this have influenced her evaluation?

    Which type(s) of rating errors were most likely to have influenced Gloriaâ??s evaluation?

    Gloria's evaluator did not use the 360-Degree Feedback Approach. If this had been used, how might it have influenced Gloriaâ??s evaluation?

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    Does type of rating affect evaluation?

    The type of rating can influence Gloria's evaluation because each rating scale has different standards thus when it may lead to some traits being overlooked. Different types of rating place different levels of relevancy on traits possessed in different jobs. The type of rating used to evaluate Gloria might have placed more emphasis on other traits and less on Gloria's traits. The evaluation rating used could have a different opinion about Gloria's traits thus affecting evaluation. When the individual being evaluated does not exhibit the specific traits preferred by a particular rating method it results in lower scores in the evaluation.

    Comparing Gloria to another employee:

    Performance appraisal requires that appraisers should ...

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