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    Job Evaluation Vs Performance Evaluation

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    People/employees get confused about the terms "job evaluation" and "performance evaluation." How would you explain the difference between these two things?

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    Job evaluation is the process of assessing and analyzing a particular job in relation with other jobs and its relative worth in the organization. Jobs are being ranked based on job content (e.g., responsibility, qualification, experiences, skills, working conditions and other factors that are common to other jobs). The factors are assigned a certain number of points (weight) which means that the more points assigned to a job, the higher the job's worth to the organization and it follows that the compensation of that job is also higher than the others. Jobs are ranked according to its worth after a comprehensive job evaluation. The ranking provides the structure in assigning salary ranges. It is not easy to evaluate a job and a team of knowledgeable and experienced senior employees who are familiar with the intricacies of the jobs in the company is the best group of people who can ...

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