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Designing a Formative Evaluation System

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For a portion of my report I want to identify ways to come up with a system to rank employees perhaps from an "A to C" system. I want to make employees better with this system. Can you assist with the following question in 2 or 3 pages, listing references? Please provide in-text citations and notes for me to follow along, including the following information:

1. Describe how you would proceed with the creation of an evaluation system.

2. List the types of intervention you would design and ask the company to implement to address this issue.

3. Explain how you would assess the effectiveness of this intervention.

Thank you so much.

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Designing an Employee Evaluation System

Employee evaluation is conducted by companies to gather information that would contribute in coming up with human resource decisions related to compensation, training, transfer, termination, and other related decisions. This was confirmed by Certo (2000) when he noted that performance evaluation provides systematic judgments to support salary increases, promotion, transfers, demotions, or terminations.

Creation of an employee performance evaluation system
In designing an evaluation system, it is important to determine the objective of the evaluation. This will be used as a basis in deciding on the type of evaluation to be made, the factors to be evaluated, the weights to be given to each factor, and the frequency in which the appraisal would be conducted (e.g. quarterly, semi-annually, or annually). Beforehand, who should evaluate and who to evaluate should also be determined.
According to Certo (2000), performance appraisal, also called performance evaluation, is the process of reviewing past productive activity to evaluate the contribution they have made toward attaining organizational goals and objectives. Certo further emphasized that appraisals should show how well the individual is performing the job, ...

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The expert designs a formative evaluation system. Types of interventions to design for implement and address the issues are determined. The effectiveness of the intervention is explained.