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Which is important: Summative or Formative Evaluation?

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Which evaluation is more important; summative or formative? Explain why and use examples. Must be at least 200 words in APA format and references.

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Formative is called an internal evaluation. It focuses on process, meaning, while the activity is going on.
Summative, on the other hand, is an external evaluation. Its focus is on outcome.

The importance of a formative evaluation over summative evaluation is summarized in this statement: since summative evaluation is made after all the activities are done, there are chances that outcome could have been different had suggestions were given during the process. This is what Alber (2011) observed when she said "ever assign the big project, test, or report at the end of a unit and find yourself shocked with the results, and not in a good way?".

The reason for this ...

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This discussion gives emphasis on the important of formative evaluation over summative evaluation.

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