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    Formative and Summative Assessment

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    Conduct library and Internet research to learn more about formative and summative assessment in the workplace.

    Can you help me get started on a paper comparing and contrasting two key forms of assessment: formative and summative?

    Address the following items:
    > Define each type of assessment.
    > Discuss the similarities and differences between the two forms of assessment.
    > Provide an example of how an I/O consultant might use both formative and summative assessment in the workplace.
    > Discuss the role criteria (or standards) play in formative and summative assessment.

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    Role and Types of Formative and Summative Assessment

    Type of Assessment
    Formative and summative are mainly two types of assessment that are used to analyze the learning and understanding of the students (Shepard, 2000). These can be described as follow:

    Formative Assessment: Formative Assessment is an integral element of instructional process. In this form of assessment, students and teaching workforces are given feedback regarding the understanding of students. It is aimed to enhance learning of students. It involves the use of various instructional strategies to adjust teaching and learning practices in the classroom. Tests and quizzes are used in this form of assessment to enhance professional development of students (Taras, 2002). Formative assessments are proactive in nature, but can be active if required. These are interactive form of assessments. It follows a tacit process to augment understanding of students regarding complex topics.

    Summative Assessment: Summative assessments are pre-determined form of assessment. In this form of assessment, grades are considered important by the evaluator. This form of assessment is generally performed periodically (Taras, 2002). Summative assessments are less effective in comparison to ...

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    Formative and summative assessments are examined.