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    Teacher Evaluations: Summative and Formative

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    I have defined and summarized the differences between summativea and formative evaluations of teachers. I am having trouble locating additional information to the other questions that address the specific problem.
    I need a solution to these questions: Should summative and formative evaluations of teachers be intergrated in the same evaluation system or kept separate?

    Find at least two authors on either side of the issue. Name and summarize the author's arguments.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of each position?

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    Thank you for submitting your questions to Brainmass. Below you will find a bulleted list of information for each question with a reference to the resource listed at the end of the document. Most of the responses are taken from the latest research of Charlotte Danielson's book, Teacher Evaluation to Enhance Professional Practice. You will notice a link to excerpts in Google Books.

    Also, attached is a link regarding School Leadership and teacher evaluation to support the other questions, along with several other links to support you in writing your final response. I can certainly understand your struggle in finding supporting information to support the questions at hand!

    I hope this information is helpful and broadens your understanding of how utilizing both formative and summative evaluations in schools can support teacher development and ultimately, student learning. Should you have any other questions or would like clarifications, please do not hesitate to ask.

    Should summative and formative evaluations of teachers be integrated in the same evaluation system or kept separate?
    ? "Most researchers now urge the addition of or transition to a more formative approach to evaluation. Some believe summative and formative approaches can be blended." 1, p 306
    ? "In summary, this section outlined the need for school leaders to be- come reflective practitioners-to consider the evaluation targets, measures, and processes most likely to generate increased student learning. Teacher assessment for teacher growth is the third essential ingredient for building the capacity of the instructional staff.
    Goals, ...