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Assessing Teacher Assessments

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I need to develop an evaluation tool to assess all of the Teacher Evaluation Instruments that have been created.
I want to propose and refine an acceptable comprehensive evaluation instrument using a combination of several utilized evaluation tools.

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There are two separate areas to address here. To adequately speak to both statements in the posting, each one should be considered separately, even if they are similar in some aspects, even a part of the same overall question.

First, the creation of a tool that can evaluate any and all teacher assessments will be discussed. From this it will be possible to propose/create a more comprehensive evaluation tool.

Evaluating Teacher Assessments
Designing an assessment that encompasses and is applicable to all types of specific educator evaluation tools is not as difficult as it may seem. An overarching evaluative tool will closely follow the same format of the individual educators assessment design.In this instance, the tool rather than the individual teacher will be the subject of assessment.

To determine what an overarching assessment design would entail, first recall the characteristics of specific evaluations and then modify them to address evaluations on a larger scale.

In all instances, the large scale evaluation of all smaller and more specific assessments must determine if the assessment is meeting what it set out to ...

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This brief response speaks to what a tool that evaluates teacher evaluations might entail. At first this may seem a daunting task, yet upon closer inspection, it actually rather simple if one already has an understanding of educational assessments. What an assessment evaluation tool should be comprised of and why is discussed. 730+ words.

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