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Assessing Fluency

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What do you think is the most effective way that a teacher can assess fluency? (fluency regarding reading comprehension) Explain your answer.

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509 words; 4 references; fluency defined, how to assess fluency

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Fluency is defined as a student's ability to read with comprehension. Fluency assessments need to have a certain degree of reliability and validity. These measures of fluency need to be consistent and free of imperfections to be able to provide a reliable result that can be used in improving the performance of the student. It is also very important that these assessments measure reading fluency.
Assessments should be administered, scored, and interpreted efficiently. They should be quick and easy to use so that teachers will continue to use them consistently. Since testing fluency can take a teacher's time from instruction, it is important that they can be administered fast and quick so that appropriate teaching strategies can be done to improve ...

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