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    Individuals in Mind, Mates by Heart

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    Please help elaborate on a research article that analyzes one of the cultural patterns such as collective versus individualistic social perception and gender perspective differences. Help with elaborating a reflection that summarizes the pattern and analyze the implications in a global organization.

    The selected article is:
    Bechtoldt, M. N., Choi, H. S., & Nijstad, B. A. (2012). Individuals in mind, mates by heart: Individualistic self-construal and collective value orientation as predictors of group creativity. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 48(4), 838-844.
    The article analyzes the effect of individualistic norms and collectivistic norm on group creativity.

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    In a research study, one of their very important findings is that when there is a very high level of harmony and rapport in the group chances are, it may not produce high level of creativity in that group. The realized that these values such as cohesion, harmony and collectivism lead to conformity while individualism and competition seem to stimulate creativity because they lead the people to contribute their unique and different ideas. However, this reasoning seemed to be simplistic as there have also been other evidences that show members collaborating with each other closely and producing more creative outputs than those who didn't.
    This research study was created to solve the contradiction in the outcomes of the other studies. The researchers focused on the individualism-collectivism (I-C) dimension and argued that it denotes a multidimensional continuity in terms of values and self-construal.
    Culture is a pattern of beliefs, assumptions, perceptions, thoughts and feelings that a certain group of people share together as the correct way of doing things. Thus, culture is like the group's identity and values or the basis of correct behaviour for them. People with collectivistic self-construal define themselves in ...

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    The solution analyzes individuals in mind, mates by heart: individualistic self-construal and collective value orientation as predictors of group creativity.