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Select one disease of the cardiovascular or lymphatic system and overview it in detail. Pay special attention to the mechanism of disease associated with your selection and discuss that in detail as well. Discuss something you feel the general public does not understand about the disease you selected.

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Myocarditis is a cardiovascular disease presenting acutely with a spectrum from assymptomatic individuals to fulminant cardiovascular collapse and death. It is not uncommon in its mild forms, but the exact incidence is unknown as the majority of people developing myocarditis are not impaired to a degree that prompts them to seek medical attention. However, there is a perception that myocarditis is a uniformly severe situation, often leading to heart transplantation. This misunderstanding of the spectrum of the condition makes it an ideal subject for a discussion. I have attached a couple of reviews regarding myocarditis which point out the etiologies, signs and symptoms quite well. What is not apparent from the articles is that the vast majority of mycarditis cases are infectious, usually viral, and associated with rather non-specific complaints, as opposed to autoimmune or ...

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Myocarditis, a common condition accompanying viral infections, is not often recognized in its mild forms. Frequently presumed to be serious, this condition occurs in a spectrum from mild to severe. The interactions with other arrythmogenic entities such as exercise and some medications are not widely appreciated.