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    Bloom's Taxonomy

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    Could the teachers who teach to the lower half of Bloom's Taxonomy be wrong because they feel it will increase test scores? Are there increases in student test scores as a result of the student's having been taught and tested at a higher level of the taxonomy?

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    Learning becomes an exercise in only lower level thinking skills as a result of standardized testing. Synthesis, evaluation, creation and reflection are skills that students are not exposed to because too much of their time is spent on memorization of random, scattered facts. Students today represent future political leaders, doctors, teachers, innovators, and entrepreneurs. They should not be channeling their talents on completing standardized tests which assess only one small aspect of their intelligence. They should be asked to apply their skills to increasingly rigorous, authentic problems. Learning should not occur in a vacuum; knowledge should be ...

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    Student creativity is explored in terms of Bloom's Taxonomy. References are also provided to justify the assertions.