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    Bloom's Taxonomy & Howard Gardner's theories

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    Bloom's taxonomy
    Howard Gardner's Multiple Intelligences

    For the learning theories chosen do the following:
    Relate the theory to differentiated instruction.
    Give a short description or summary of each model or construct.
    Explain how these models are complementary and can be used as tools for building a differentiated classroom.

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    To differentiate instruction is to adapt your teaching methods to reach the diverse group of students you find in your classroom. Adaptations can be made anywhere along the teaching cycle: lesson planning, instructional methods, questioning, project and homework assignments, grading rubrics, student involvement in decision making, assessment, and evaluation. Two teaching tools that have served to provide practical access for teachers wishing to differentiate instruction are Benjamin Bloom's Taxonomy of Questions and Howard Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences.

    Bloom's Taxonomy of Questions is an extremely useful tool in differentiating instruction. The taxonomy provides different question types and levels of questions to use with the same classroom text to illicit responses from all students. Even students who are English language learners with limited communication abilities, for example, can be called on to respond to questions about a text, but the type of questions used might be different for these students. One of the fantastic things about Bloom's question types is that they serve to remind teachers to not only rely on knowledge questions in their teaching, but to move from knowledge questions to those that demand a higher level of cognitive skills and encourage thinking beyond memorization. Here's the 6 levels of questions included in Bloom's list ...

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