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Comparing Bloom's Taxonomy and the 6 Facets of Understanding

1. Compare Bloom's to the Facets of Understanding. How do the lower levels of understandings contribute to the path towards higher levels of understanding like evaluation? For example, if students breeze through knowledge and remembering, can evaluation be achieved?

2. Do you agree with the arguments from the attached file? Why or why not? - The attached file contains two arguments about Bloom and facets of understanding.


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Students progress through Bloom's levels at varying rates; each student will achieve a more complex set of knowledge skills at their own pace, and is dependent upon the learning environment, student ability, student motivation, and student readiness. Students can absolutely move through Bloom's lower levels and quickly tackle evaluation and synthesis. The lower levels are essential to moving towards these more complex levels, however. A student will not be able to synthesize if he or she is unable to ...

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Provides a comparison of Bloom's Taxonomy of knowledge skills and Wiggins and McTighe's Six Facets of Understanding.