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    Lesson plan using Bloom's taxonomy

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    Design a lesson plan for sixth grade math using Bloom's taxonomy for wording and objectives. List possible assistive technology for hearing, visual, speech communication, written communication and mobility plus a synopsis of lesson plan. 800 words please.

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    To design a lesson plan for sixth graders using Bloom's Taxonomy, the teacher must understand the directives for this paradigm. Bloom's taxonomy consists of six domains with six levels of cognitive capability. The lowest level consists of learners' simply recalling facts with the highest level consisting of learners' obtaining the ability to develop complex and abstract cognitive skills, which is the level that the teacher should ensure learners' attain. To cultivate the most optimal and highest level of learning, teachers must go through the six levels beginning with knowledge. This requires for the learner to define, label, and memorize the math lessons providing by the teacher. It's the teacher's job to provide competent information that will enable students to successfully memorize the information into their schema for future reliance.

    For learners' comprehension of knowledge is a necessary facet that also must be garnered wherein students develop the ability to explain, discuss, and describe their understanding of the math lessons. This must be monitored by ...

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    The lesson plan using Bloom's taxonomy are provided. Words and objectives are provided.