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Emotional Learning?the Affective and Psychomotor Domains

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What role does emotion play in learning. How is emotional learning measured? How can a teacher evoke emotional learning within a student? The answer is found in the Affective and Psychomotor Learning Domains and proper application thereof.

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This article addresses the Affective and Psychomotor Learning Domains of Bloom's Taxonomy and the connection to Emotional Learning. A description and definition of each domain is given, including examples of how each level is applied to the student.

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Explanation of how true learning, or change, results from a synthesis or combination of the three learning domains (Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor)

If the student has learned only cognitively, and has not experienced affective and psychomotor learning as well, the question arises: "how do we know if the student has truly learned, or transformed from inability to ability?"

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