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Human Resources:What is the difference between training, education, and development?

What is the difference between training, education, and development?

Why is training important for business organizations?

I need a recommend topic for training using a current or imaginary work situation.
I need to build an argument for why it is important and how it will benefit the company.

Cognitive Domain= emphasizing remembering facts, knowledge, principles and theories

Affective Domain=focuses on changing attitudes, feelings, enhancing motivation, and
Enhancing the value or appreciation for something

Psychomotor Domain= focus on teaching people behavior or skills.
= I need three separate training events that focuses on each of the three types of learning

The cognitive and affective domains are interrelated Do you agree or disagree with this statement? And why.


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Alright, we want three training events based on those 3 domains; which I'm
going to assume should be related to the scenario I made up for the
preceding question. If it doesn't have to be related, it won't negatively
impact these ideas anyway.

So, first we need an event that approaches the textbook buying decision from
a cognitive standpoint. For this, I ...

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