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Human Resource Development: Definition & Evaluation

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HRD stands for Human Resource Development. It is the combination of training, education and develops with the purpose of organized learning to promote performance change. Patricia McLagan (1987) states, "HRD is the integrated use of training and development, career development, and organization development to improve individual effectiveness" (Visser, n/d). As the discipline evolved, there became an increasing interest in economic impact as a result of HRD, as well as responsiveness and relevance to the entire group and organization. HRD helps develop key competencies that enable individuals to better perform their jobs within the organization through planned learning activities. HRD includes the areas of training and development, career development, and organization development. It is evident in organizations through executive and management development, professional skills training, sales and marketing training, customer service training, new employee orientation, health and safety training, and organizational development consultation. By utilizing Human Resource Development, organizations are able to better develop employees' knowledge and skills, align actions and standards to that of the organizations' vision, and increase employee motivation, incentive to succeed, positive attitudes, and overall work environment. Initially, Hurman Resource Development must determine the needs of the organization based on assessment. The next step is designing a program to elicit the desired benefits. Typically an organization determines what behaviors and performance are desired and crafts a program to achieve elicit these results. Training and ...

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This solution defines HRD and explains it. It also discusses why adult learning is different from children learning. It also discusses how to evaluate a HRD program. APA references are included.

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