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    Human Resource Management: Globalization and Diversity

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    Deliverable Length: 3-4 paragraphs

    Consider this statement

    In spite of advocacy for evaluation, a relatively small proportion of companies conduct human resource management evaluations.... Nonetheless, important variables are positively correlated with the conduct of such evaluation, including financial performance [...]. Because of these positive contributions of evaluation and the cost consciousness resulting from the pressures of the global economy, evaluations should become more prevalent in the future (Greer, page 310-311, italics added).

    Do you agree with Greer's conclusion (in italics)? If you agree, explain why cost consciousness due to pressures from the global economy would spur companies to use evaluation more frequently, while cost consciousness due to normal, internal pressures has not been as influential. If you disagree with Greer's conclusion, explain why. Feel free to use the Library or other resources to support your answer, but be sure to cite your sources.

    Objective: Research and discuss issues in human resource management, including globalization and diversity.
    Analyze real world issues and develop proficiency in solving human resource problems through case studies and simulations.

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