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    Opportunities provided by technology for global business

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    Organizations are facing new challenges as they "go global." What are some organizational issues in technology, communications and staffing that organizations might face as they move operations abroad? How might different management styles be used to deal with these challenges? Use an article from the library or the web that relates to organization change in the international context to anchor your discussion.
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    Objective: Analyze real world issues and develop proficiency in solving human resource problems through case studies and simulations.
    Discuss the opportunities provided by technology for businesses.
    Research and discuss issues in human resource management, including globalization and diversity.

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    The notion "Globalization" means a process of unification of the people into sole society and functioning jointly. It involves the integration of the technological, socio-cultural, economical and political forces or drivers. In other words, it can be defined as the incorporation of national economies into the global economy all the way through FDI, trade, flows of capital, migration and technology (Cherunilam, 2005). Organization change is a continuous process and it removes the old equilibrium within the organization. Organizational change needs to maintain a balance between different external and internal forces to achieve the organizational goals and objectives. Organization is a dynamic entity and it affects the external environment as well as it is affected by the external environment (Luthans, 1998).

    Technological and Organization Change: Currently, innovative and latest technologies have become change the perspective of the organizations. Continuous change in the technology affects the performance of the organization. Technology is the infrastructures, which are necessary for developing a path among the various activities. At the global level, technology being used by every organization and society (What is Technology? 2007). An organization is a human grouping in which work is done for the accomplishment of some specific goals. Due to changes in the technologies and global environment, there are some ...

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    The solution examines opportunities that provide technology for global businesses. An analysis of a real world issue and development of proficiency in solving human resource problems are given.